“Anybody can sell you a metal building, but as a professional it is our job to find out what your needs are and to provide a cost effective building to match those needs.”

    Frequently asked Questions

    Why should I build with steel instead of wood?
    Does my order include everything I need to construct my building?
    What is bay spacing?
    How much will my steel building weigh?
    Are the steel buildings painted?
    What are your warranties?
    Which base trim option should I choose?
    Can you help me add to my existing steel building?
    Do I need a building permit for my metal building?
    What if I need permit drawings?
    Do I need a foundation for my metal building?
    Can you provide an engineer-stamped foundation layout?
    Do you supply the hardware to attach the frame to the foundation?
    How do I unload my metal building?
    How much is shipping?
    What if I want to make changes to my order?
    Ordering and Payments Accepted?