“Anybody can sell you a metal building, but as a professional it is our job to find out what your needs are and to provide a cost effective building to match those needs.”


    We Make It Easy For You.
    Fair Play Metals simplifies the steel building construction process, saving you both time and money. Our design team consists of steel building professionals, construction experts, and estimators to meet all your metal building construction needs. Your project costs will be established before final construction blueprints are completed. Our capacity and experience allow us to meet tight deadlines, complete large projects on time, and ultimately put you into your facility sooner.


    Guaranteed Pricing.
    Once your steel buildings preliminary drawings have been completed, your Metal Building Consultant will determine the exact cost and lead time for your steel buildings. You will then be allowed to take the next step toward the completion of your project by locking in your steel price with a small engineering deposit. Our steel building estimation services are used to stay ahead of project schedules, manage costs and procure project financing.


    Precision Specifications.
    After the design and estimation of your steel metal building, our Technical Services Department will engineer the project for its specific requirements. To properly engineer steel buildings, we take all aspects of your project into account, including where it will be located, what it’s use will be, etc. With this information, we properly engineer steel buildings for both internal and external forces such as rain, wind, and snow.


    Quality Construction.
    The speed and accuracy of steel building construction is critical to your project. Earlier occupancy means an office owner can begin renting space earlier, a factory owner will start producing products quicker and the congregation can settle in sooner. Because pre-engineered steel buildings are lighter than other framing materials, it needs a smaller and simpler foundation. This reduces both cost and the time spent on construction.